I feel like there are a ton of things I have to do, want to do and need to do. They are just racing in my head and fighting over which needs more prio

There’s not enough time in the world, is it?

I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with myself. I'm not able to wake up early in the mornings anymore. Well, that was true last week, but I did manage to wake up this week, just that Fariz was being cranky and sick, so I had to lay in bed. Nevertheless, still disappointed because I wanted to do 7thlumen invoices yesterday & this morning, but I didn't. I feel like there's not enough time in the world to do everything I need to do. I wish there was more time. I wish I was more efficient. I feel down now. Maybe that's why I'm reluctant to achieve RM10,000 salary target. Because I can't manage my time properly and sticking to it, so I don't think I can get RM10,000. At this point, I have this burning desire to stop journaling and list down to dos and plot them in my calendar lol. But I can't do that, no. That's reacting. If I keep giving in to my impulses, I'm never getting anything done. Ok, so I want to try sticking to my planned time today. Can I? Let's try today. What do I need to do, and what do I think I CAN do today?