My Future House

What do I want in MY house? I want a landed house.

  1. Lawn.
    • Big enough for my all my five to kids to play football in. As big as Mama’s car porch is sufficient. Has archery practice targets and a golf putting hole.
    • Where I can have a small patio to hangout and snack. With shading and cover from the rain and shine, of course.
    • A she-shed where I can lepak, read, do sewing, crafting, doodling, knitting. Have a slot for iPad and bluetooth speakers as a makeshift TV.
    • I’ll plant some flowers and veggies – aloe vera (a must), sireh (gotta keep the tradition going), onions, lime, curry, tomatoes, lemongrass, cili etc.
  2. Kitchen
    • Standard appliances: oven, stove, microwave, blender, juicer, mixer, fridge, freezer, water dispenser, pasta maker, etc.
    • Quartz or wood countertop. I want it to be inviting and have character, not just minimal and plain like a standard kitchen.
    • I want a hidden trash area in the counter which I can easily access by sliding or lifting the top, sort of like a trapdoor. I prefer sliding so I can keep it open while cooking.
    • Sink has to be wide enough. Ohh, I want a dishwasher.
    • Pantry area.
  3. Dining room
    1. 6 people dining table. Wooden, but light & modern.
    2. Indoor/outdoor feel, you know? We’re indoors, but it’s all glass so it feels kind of like outside. But, we have blinds to keep shade. OR, ORRRR, make it a sliding WALL like one of those houses on “World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”, there are a few examples – the Israeli house, the Texan house.
    3. Has nearby sink.
    4. Somewhere between these spaces must have a toilet for guests to use.
  4. Living room
    1. TV here.
    2. Sofa, recliner, couch. Coffee table.
    3. Decorations. Shelves with kid’s pictures and us and stuff. Trophies and what not.
  5. Master bedroom
    1. Queen size bed. Bedside table with lamp.
    2. Walk-in closet.
    3. Bathroom with rain shower head. Cabinets & shelves to put personal care products in.
  6. Children’s bedroom
    1. Strictly for sleeping. If we’re having bunk beds, not the kind that is right on top of each other. Something like a criss-cross so that the bottom guys get the air circulation as well. Or single beds. The room has to be big enough to fit all four/five (if the 5th is also a boy) single beds.
    2. Has night lamp for them at night.
    3. They share bedside table.
    4. Light switch low enough for them to switch on the lights on their own. Or maybe a remote controlled light.
    5. Bathroom attached to the room. No tub, shower. Adult sized toilets but with potty thingy and step. We may need 2 bathrooms.
    6. Towel rack low enough that they can hang towels on their own.
  7. Guest room
    1. Single bed, with pull out bed underneath.
    2. Small laundry basket.
    3. Dressing table, small wardrobe / cupboard.
    4. Attached bathroom. Just smaller, but complete. Shower, toilet, sink, mirror, towel rack and stuff.
  8. Maid room
    1. Simple 1 bed & with a cabinet. Small, but comfortable enough.
    2. Has an attached bathroom. Small also.
  9. Store room
    1. Strictly to keep cleaning stuff, like vacuum, mop, sweeper etc.
    2. And to keep extra items like toilet paper, kitchen towel, garbage bags etc.
    3. No keeping old stuff. No keeping old clothes or shoes or toys. Okay to put them in temporarily (read: no longer than 2 weeks), then we have to get rid of it. No hoarding.
  10. Laundry room
    1. Has washing machine & dryer
    2. Ironing board is also here.
    3. Include air conditioning because ironing can be freaking hot.
  11. Lounge area (upstairs – fun area)
    1. Smaller TV with game console.
    2. Doubles as play area. Toys will be here. Cabinets with toys are here.
    3. Has a small fridge for drinks. Or maybe just another water filter. Hmm, we’ll decide.
    4. Has a couch & side tables. Don’t want a coffee table because it will take up play area space.
  12. Study & Work room
    1. One end of the room will be the adults’ space, and the other will be the children’s.
    2. Children space has:
      1. Desks & chairs for each of them. Or table wide enough for them to share.
      2. Cabinets for their school books and homework.
      3. Container for arts stuff.
      4. Shared laptop & earphones for online classes.
    3. Adult space:
      1. Desk, chair & computer.
      2. 3-in-1 printer.
      3. Files and cabinets for organising paper for taxes and stuff, and kids documents.
  13. Hallway
    1. Storage for extra beddings, quilt covers, pillow sheets, pillows, blankets, toto, towels, napkins, etc.
    2. Place for musical instruments – piano, guitar or drum set.


How do the house look like?
Exterior – I want to feel like coming home to and staying at resort everyday.
Interior – I want the house to have character, different area telling it’s own story and invokes it’s own feeling. Cozy and welcoming.

I want a sustainable house, solar panels & generators. A small turbine for when rainy season. Recycling bins.