Office dilemma

Hey. So I notice that I'm not really in a good place right now. Signs are: I feel tired and sleepy, but I can't nap. I'm hungry, but I feel too tired

Money management

Initially, I didn't think I wanted to journal this early in the morning, but I did my Monday Hour One and my head's functioning pretty well now. So there is something I want to talk about. I have money management issues. I do. I tend to end use up whatever money that I intend to put aside. The Cyberjaya house rental deposits, Figment's remaining investment money, ASB moratorium money, and others. I know and am well aware of the concept to put aside money and don't touch it, but I somehow have not been successful at refraining myself. And the worst part is, I don't realise that I am using that money. And I feel bad. I also feel lost. I don't know how to encounter it. I want to encounter it. But there's this

value = money

I remember thinking something yesterday night. Let me recall. Oh I think it's about how I determine my salary by my value. By the value I provide? Som

I’m scared, but let’s do it anyway

Well, I've finished 24 pieces of the 9x5 and 8x4 bags. It's time to do the content: social media and website. It's time to do the thinking part. I suddenly feel kind of lost. Before this there's this thinking where I need to keep sewing. Then now it's done, and I need to start the thinking part. I feel uncomfortable. Honestly, I feel like telling myself nonsense and self-assaulting, but I'm trying not to. But I shouldn't. I should let it come. Let it flow through me. So, what are the thoughts?

    “I think”

    Had a fun time yesterday. Long holiday, less kids, less noise. Went out for a short trip to Genting. Actually went out of the house haha. It was fun,

    RMO Day 50

    I am feeling resistance in doing the BNI prezzo. Or doing anything work related, actually. Step 1, find out. It's in my upper chest area. After my collarbone and before my breasts, and also around my stomach area. Feeling: anger,

    RMO Day 40

    I can't eat. Not because of fasting, but because of the pregnancy. It's slightly different. I'm nauseous to everything I used to love to eat. Except m

    RMO Day 37

    Woke up, made myself nasi goreng. I should've let the ingredients to cook for a while longer, added more cili padi and put a little less oyster sauce, but other than that, I'm proud of myself. It seems like I have no thoughts to pour out,

    RMO Day 33

    I'm not noticing any thoughts other than I'm surprised I'm not hungry. I'm in a neutral state now, my mood is not high or low. My thoughts are neither negative or positive. I want to send Maryam's manual over today. I want to finish designing my blog. I want to do case studies for 7thlumen. I don't want to do the PT marketing webinar. Why?