Unfinished businesses and accepting the feelings

I sort of know what I want to thought download about today. About why I don’t finish a project or why I quickly move on to something else. Not just why la, the whole thing. What was my thought? A lot. Tak best la. Lambat la. Banyak kerja la nak buat benda tu. Rasa excited at just the prospect of it. But bila dah start tu, jadi takde mood. Macam, oh, boring la. Wasn’t what I expected. Macam Hockademy. Mula-mula nak, bila dah dapat, hmm tak buat-buat. Figment. Kerina nye straws Tya nye sambal Planning part, churning out ideas - no, “possibilities” - is exciting. The possibility of what it could become. But bila nak make it become something, I back down? Why ah? I wasn’t anticipating the hard work? I know there’s going to be work, and at that moment, I want and willing to work for it. But after a while it sizzles out. I think because of the thoughts la. Half way through, I’d think, too long la benda ni, aku ada banyak lagi benda nak kena buat. Yang lagi penting. And then most of the time, I’d ended up not doing anything.

Morning mind prep

Hey, I needed to do a quick thought download this morning, because I’m sort of feeling a bit down? And that’s not how I want to start the day. Plus, starting the day meeting people with high energy, I want to be on the same level as them. That’s it, girl. Make more money. Show up. What’s the person that I have to be, to receive RM15000 monthly income? I have to be wanting to work for it. And working for it doesn’t mean sitting in front of the computer bending down., doing work. It means showing up, telling people about yourself, offer services to people, offer ideas to people, be visible, show yourself, HAVE FUN. That’s the point!

Confusion: Income vs Business

I have a confusion. A confused mind, about work. And money. I have a goal, which is money oriented, not work oriented. I want more money for myself, more income, but not necessarily from the business. I goal is to increase my income, not my expand business.

Rant. Morning rant.

Void of feelings lagi ke pagi ni? Tak jugak, sebab I feel angry, for a number of things. One, I woke up at 5am but I couldn’t journal because Fariz decided to wake up as well after aku kencing and I had to nurse him for 1.25 hours. I couldn’t journal on my phone because my screen cracked again and I’ve already had splinters in my fingertip from the cracks yesterday night, so I’m no risking that again. Taking the glass shards out was fucking painful. So I woke up early for what?

ASB Money

I woke up today. Then I had a rush of thoughts. What to say at BNI? What to do with ASB money? Is leaving it in ASB gives better returns than stocks? Joe removed me from his close friends list. Nak beli Nefful skrg ke or tunggu after stock returns? Then does that mean aku kena bayar credit card with the ASB money? Banyak banyak banyak thoughtsssss and it’s making me anxious.

Figment – What di I do?

Hmm. New Year is literally in the corner. 3 hours away, to be exact. And I feel something, but I don’t have the vocabulary for it. Macam, something

7thlumen is branding

Ok, so today I want to do a more serious thought download, about the business (7thlumen). I want to think about plans to make… but the point is, it