Breaking down old belief – flat tummy

Since Aufa was born, I have had this deep want = to have my tummy flatter. I don’t expect it to be flat-flat, but firmer? Actually, since Aufa was born, it wasn’t that deep, I just sort of accepted this flabby extra skin tummy because she was big and I gained weight. It was after I saw Zirra’s transformation video that I wanted it rather badly.

So after seeing the video, I knew it was possible to get back in shape. It served as motivation,  an inspiration, especially since she was someone I knew and had a history with.

So I started doing light exercises a bit, focusing on my butt, breasts and tummy. But the motivation wasn’t strong enough. I saved a lot of videos I found on Instagram too.

There was no consistency, and I also had this thought being passed left and right about exercising – one is that I want a flat tummy (actual), and the other was that it’s for my overall health (justifying).

There is definitely something that’s stopping me from being consistent, and I want to dismantle it.

I was telling myself that to have a tummy like Zirra, I need to do what she did – work out EVERY day, muay thai and eat healthily. Half of it is already hard for me to do because I’m working, and she’s not. She has a personal trainer come to her house. She’s already used to eating healthy, I’m not. I’ve only just started eating veggies a few years back.

I know it sounds like excuses, even that tiny voice somewhere in my head is telling me it sounds like one, but this time, I don’t want to agree with it. Because my emotions are valid, and what I said is facts. It’s my current reality now. I do not have the luxury of time to work out every day (yet), and I’m not used to eating healthy, so I can’t make the switch immediately.

Segway kejap – even Alyssa, jogs every morning dulu. And she can do that because she has 2 maids and a driver. Same as Zirra. Zirra probably doesn’t have a driver, but she definitely has a maid.

Anyway. Second segway – according to the Hidden Brain podcast, I can reframe my mindset to thinking of house chores as an exercise.

Ok back to the belief. The was a show I saw on Netflix before about how skin can’t tighten or something, so I had that belief as well. But I know now that that’s not 100% true.

My belief is that – I have to exercise every day (which, to be honest, I don’t mind) and that I have to switch my diet and give up my coffee, sugar and fried foods (I am TOTALLY not ready for any of this). And if I go online or ask anyone, they ALL say the same thing. As if there’s no other way.

Now it’s hard for me to break this belief because, one – everybody says it’s like that, and two – it makes sense and it’s the logical way. Right?

Now, do I think it’s impossible for me to have a flat, firm tummy, butt & breasts? No, I don’t believe it’s impossible if I get aesthetic work done on them lol. I don’t believe it’s impossible, but I DO think it’s hard work. And I feel like my life is already hard enough as it is, that I don’t want to put in more work.

So the thinking I want to change here is – “my life is already hard” and “exercise is hard” or “getting firm is hard“. The first two are true to me.

Change “My life is hard” to “It’s easy for me to fit in exercise in my life”.

Change “Exercise is hard” to “There’s a lot of form of exercising”.

What do you think?

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