Puasa and my dreams are coming back

Today is 2nd day puasa, and I have about 10-15 minutes of free time before I go and reheat the food, so here I am journaling.

How’s it like not having a maid? Oh, by the way, I guess I’m so worried about Rooban’s work that it came in my dreams. Like I called my ex, Hafiz (apparently he did the UI in my dreams, lol) to kawtim with him the final pages, and turns out he was visiting his mom’s grave at the time, cleaning up. Then he asked me about his crying baby and I gave him some advice. Then I asked him in which area was his mom buried, and then somehow we ended up visiting there together (like a date?). In my dream, my dream self has been there before but just only noticed there were tunnels going inside the earth mounds. I pointed it out to Hafiz, and he showed me a picture of it that he took. It was… not exactly a horror-type scary feeling to me, it’s more like “I don’t want to know what’s in there”. Then we joked about how he didn’t want to stare at it for too long in case there was something coming out at him from the picture of the tunnel. Then he showed me where his mom’s plot was. I think then we started heading back, but I realised there more tunnels. And I assume there are people in there because I saw flashlights. And I thought, oh, we can go in there and I didn’t feel as scared anymore.

Yeah. I guess I am worried about not finishing MyRunciit (GUESS?? LOL). I am worried. I’m embarrassed. It’s taking me so long to finish it, and I’m wondering if it’s just me making up all these “distractions” and “obstacles” such as kena kemas rumah, buat laundry, another important task comes up, etc. Part of me feels like I am manifesting it up.

Huh, I guess it really does take me about 15 minutes to journal. And here I thought I have nothing to say.

Or is it that I type slow? Yeah I’m definitely slower now.

Maybe that’s why tak siap-siap lagi MyRunciit lol

Ok, I’m gonna go reheat food now.

What do you think?

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