Nak berak la plak. Maybe the Steam deck is not such a bad idea. Ok dah settle berak alhamdulillah.

I realise I needed to journal a while back. But I didn’t because I found other distractions (eg: main WoW balik. And I downloaded Overwatch too lol). But this morning, even WoW feels boring and serves no purpose to me, so here I am. Trying to journal. I’ll probably go back to playing games after this, lol.

There are things that I want to do for the company but I haven’t yet. It is my fault, I procrastinated. Am I blaming myself? No. A bit. Lol. Does it make me feel like a failure? I have to admit, it does a bit. Maybe that’s why I’m delaying the tasks even MORE. I mean, seriously, should it have taken the whole 5-6 hours to do Myrunciit’s changes? No. I really did take my time.

What’s wrong? What’s going on? Do I really want to know? No, not really. I don’t really want to know why or care. I want to move on. I want to do it at the office. And rest when I get back.

So today, I have a meeting with Rowan. I really want to wrap this up, send it for print, no more changes. If possible, I want to do it today. Actually no, I’ll finish it today – the cover page edit, back page & FA it for print. But before that, I have to add the unit measurements for MyRunciit.

Watch RCK AJL while having lunch/brunch. ESI, finish it today.


  • Today: ESI wrap up, MyRunciit small change, watch RCK AJL. Inform candidates Arif & Razin they didn’t make it.
  • Tomorrow: Y4 claims. And do 2 months. MyRunciit remaining pages UI.
  • Thursday: Offer letters & employment letters. Send Rao projector.
  • Friday: WIP process with the bois. Remaining Y4 updates.

Ok, looks cool. Let’s put in my planner

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