Dream 2022: Day 1

I remember the feeling was scared, threatened.

We were in the car, I think Mazda, going back home. Around area Hartamas dah, near the secondary school. It was at night. It’s quite dark (some streetlights only), but there were other light sources – decorative lights from houses and such.

I remember feeling unsafe, scared of “things”. Unseen things. And Aufa was being cranky and crying. So I took my phone and nak pasang Al Mulk. But it opened up IG and a video of this tanned skin guy wearing mcm ancient Egyptian gear holding a mic and rapping/singing what sounded like Quran/Arabic words, but it’s actually about the one-religion thing. 

I turned it off and tried al-Mulk again, but it opens up the video again. I thought to check the reciter’s name, but then I looked up.

We didn’t turn into the road by the school, we’re coming from the air kelapa place. On both sidewalks, there were a lot of dogs, lined up between the trees, facing the road. They looked dirty like they came out of a muddy place. They had red eyes. They didn’t move when we passed by. But halfway through, I noticed the dogs are half standing and I realised that some of them are werewolves. I said, “Jadi betul la apa kita cakap”. (About what, I don’t know)

The entrance to Kiara View was blocked, there was police or something. So we took left. 

Then suddenly it was morning, and there were a lot of roadblocks.

We were worried about getting caught or something like that. So Aida said (apparently she was at the back seat?) that she’ll take Aufa and for us to meet them there. We thought it was a good idea. There were a lot of cars because of the roadblocks, we took another way to skip the roadblocks and to try to u-turn. But Syam took a wrong turn and we had to go further. And on the opposite side of the road, we saw Aida smiling and talking to Aufa, holding her hand. 

But we had to go further because of the wrong turn and we couldn’t see her anymore. I felt like we couldn’t see her anymore. 

Then the scene changed. “They” were all going to London, I booked the tickets but there were no payments? And then I thought we were supposed to be at the airport 3 hours before, but Aida said no need it’s changed already. Because they don’t need tickets anymore, just scan in or something. 

This part of the dream is just confusing.  (I don’t know who’s “they”. I just know there’s Syam and Aida, but there’s a lot more actually)

“They” all left. I was at this place, messy. Clothes and stuff on the floor. No usable furniture. Aufa was with me. Then somehow Syam is there, and in the dream, I too was confused why he was there when he’s supposed to be at the airport. He said, “nah, sempat lagi” or something like that. He had like.. 15 minutes to go. 

We tried to have sex but our clothes were still on, and he couldn’t get an erection. Then I looked to my side and Faiq just woke up, he was looking very sleepy. Aufa still playing on the floor. Then I woke up.

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