It’s already 12 noon

I got out of the toilet and saw that it’s already 12. I couldn’t believe that it’s that fast already. And, so many thoughts and feelings. It’s amazing how a human mind can have so many things going at once, but I guess it’s not that good because I feel panic, anxiety and there’s also like, chill. I don’t know which way to go.

When I thought, it’s too late to do work now, I got other thoughts coming out as well:

  1. I guess I can take it slow today
  2. I can’t, I got stuff to do. If I take it slow, then I’m not going anywhere. Nowhere fast… Huh. No wonder I like Incubus so much. Their songs are literally me.

Let’s just do one thing for ESI today. Then you chill. And listen to Incubus

What do you think?

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