I have a few questions for DK the VIP

I’m not sure if I should address this as my current self or future self.

What’s your personal goal?
I want to be good in Javascript. Be a JS ninja, build apps using Node, React, Angular, Vue, whatever. To just be able to understand any kind of JS frameworks and libraries.
What did you achieve in your personal life?
  • Be a JS & FE master.
  • Mastered Ruby as well.
  • Figment running on its own and generating income
What’s your career goal?
To be an entrepreneur, managing multiple businesses.
What do I want for my business?
Automation, scalability
What IS/ARE my business(es)?
7thlumen (maybe converted to something else), Figment, Sambal
What about my knitting/crochet? Do I want to make a living out of it?
No. No, I don’t. I want to do it for fun, for relaxation, without deadlines. That means not accepting orders. I can premake it and sell it afterwards. No orders. I’ll sell it when I want to. It should not be my main focus.

It is a mistake for me to take on a lot of projects. Paid, I might add.
Out of the question above, I’m very sure with the last one only. I’m having trouble/unsure of the others.

But I’ve answered them all regardless. And I feel content with the answers, I feel right. Now it’s a matter of me figuring out priorities, planning.

What do you think?

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