Dream Day 6

Dreamt I was at a table and there was Mariam! And there was my old Chinese schoolmate but I forgot his name. Oh, it was Alvin. I was excited to see Mariam, she was sitting along and seems to be uncomfortable. I saw her from far.

This dream is all over the place, either it’s jumping around because I keep waking up every 30 minutes -1 hour or memang jumbled up. So it might not make sense. 

At one part, Mariam was sitting next to me and we started playing a game. She was excited to see me too. Since I’ve been long gone, she started a new character with me. Ans she was excited and happy. She was telling me last Saturday they had so much fun and wanted me to join (classic Mariam). They as in the boys “Eppy, Ate, someone and Ihsan” I guessed Jabba at first, but Mariam said, “Nooo, Jabba dah kawen!” I was shocked, but I kind of knew? And I said, “Oh, Pondo too!” And Mariam was excited too. Then she said Ihsan, and I’m like “ooohh dah lama tak dgr nama Ihsan!”

So we were playing games and then… BNI members came? We’re at a cafe. Then ramai2 BNI members datang, but all look young and successful and posed better and in good shape. Not like current members, but it’s BNI? Business people. Business professional Forbes shit vibe. I took a picture with them then I left because I prefer to go with Mariam.

Maybe it’s me penat kot thinking or being in business mode all the time. 

Then we were in this lowly lit room. Kinda like a hacker meet up place lol. But not dodgy. Like proper lab or CC, there’s blue glowing light. Me & Mariam kept talking.

I remember my laptop’s screen is made out of this plastic foil. I tried to keep it straight but it keeps folding up on me and facing outside. Meant to be used with an external keyboard it said.

Anyway. Ada one part where I went on a road trip with BNI members? Tak ramai, like 3-4 of us.

No, wait me and someone (felt like someone I’m comfortable with, like Syam) was at this house. 3 storeys, loads of sunlight. I think the first 2 floors were made into a BNB? Because I was saying we should stay in the lowest ground bedroom (not supposed to be accessible, only to the caretaker of the place. Sort of like that place we stayed in Brussels) and it had a large sliding ceiling to floor window & was facing out to a really nice view. I cant see what the view is, but it feels like the beach.

When I got out of this house then got the BNI members. On the way back, lalu these development area, rumah2 belum siap. A few of the houses looked the same, but it was made with brick and plywood? It’s undone anyway but it still looks bad. I texted Syam saying “ni mesti ada orang beli byk2 ni” (as in to make money subletting it out). Rao was on a bike and cycling behind us pretty fast too.

Once we reached town and lepak in the car to rest and he said it was the best trip of his life.

Oh then to play that game with Mariam and the boys, I had to register and pass a minimum level. So there’s this one Malay guy (the unidentified person who was also in the game with them) who was responsible to check, so I went to him. And checked my character by running through test levels but I didn’t make the cut. So I couldn’t play with them. Feeling, more like, oh well. I don’t really mind.

Then somehow aku main game tu dengan Faiz kat PS4. I think I joined late in the game so my character stuck at level 1. I have to kill mobs to level up, but it’s like.. ladder system?  The game I played with Mariam had animal characters and Faiz punya more like Plants vs Zombies. It’s like, waves of mobs that come. And we have to clear the waves to go down another level and unlock more creeps to join and help fight the next waves.

Like the other dreams, it might not exactly be Mariam, but how I feel to be around someone like Mariam. Or maybe how that person makes me feel. With real life Mariam, I feel like I can connect with her as well. Light, airy, I guess I miss her. I mean, I do. Some of the events or people here are I know are just references, like BNI members – I went to sleep knowing I had BNI meeting the next morning. And Rao messaged me before bed to let me know that I’m reading the overview of BNI. And Faiz is because I’ve been messaging Maryam (not Mariam) to get Ammar to go on PvZ. Maybe Mariam showed up because of Maryam, but then elaborate sangat plak mimpi tu. 

So far, of all the dreams I recorded, this is the first that I am chatting, and feeling happy/excited. To meet Mariam. Like, more in control. Yang lain it’s observing or discovering.

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