Money Love Story: Peak Moments

Three times in my life that I felt my best:

  1. That night a few days before New Year of 2018/2019 where I felt like shit and started writing down the things I’ve accomplished and I felt so proud. I was at a low point in my life. I’d just given birth, I felt nothing was going right, nothing changed. Still in confinement. Then I question myself, is it really true that I’ve done nothing worthy for the past 1 year? And so I took my iPad and wrote down the things I DID do that year. And I realised, I did a lot. I just didn’t give myself any credit for it. Because I was expecting a big change, that I didn’t even know what.
  2. When we were on the train ride to Interlaken and we just got out of the tunnel and I saw the mountains. It was amazing. Seeing the view, and how majestic and beautiful it is. I remember thinking, this is Allah’s work. And I am so grateful to be able to experience this and see this, to be there in person. It’s so humbling. And the verse from the Quran that said something like… “How can you not see His greatness around you?” resonates so strongly with me at that time.
  3. When we went to Harry Potter Studios. Buying the ticket was, like, omg I can’t believe we’re doing this. All the time my husband was there, being a good sport. We left earlier, and thank God we did because the train was having problems and all the earlier rides were pushed back, so we got there on time. It was great. It was awesome. The great hall, the props, everything everything everything. I want to go back. And geek out.

The common theme: travel, new discoveries, me going to a happy place. Accepting myself. Accomplishment. What I felt. Emotion.

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