Kepada yang terbeban

I don’t feel too good. I feel depressed. I feel down. I feel like giving in. I feel angry. I feel disappointed. I feel being let down. I’m angry with our government, I am angry at how stupid people are, I am angry at how ignorant they are. I am appalled at the injustice, if this was the other way around, all of them wouldn’t be like this.

I feel helpless. I have very little hope. But it’s a hope I cling to. It’s hard to keep a hold on it because it’s really thin and slippery. I keep reaching and grasping and not letting go of it.

I believe in that hope. And I know there are others too, who are fighting for that hope. I’m crying for them, I’m crying for strength.

We’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.

We will be protected. We will be protected.


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