Money Love Story: Putting Practical Practices to Work

Forgive and Love Yourself

Thankfully, I’m in a better place with my money right now. I’m grateful for the i-Sinar help that I took advantage of. It helped me propelled my account balances which makes me not anxious and depressed anymore. It makes me think more clearly about my future finances. Although I haven’t actually taken the time to really check on my finances. Which is something that I want to improve on. I don’t want to make the same mistakes I did 10-15 years ago. I didn’t have savings (which I still don’t), I was reckless with my money, I didn’t think of the future as much (at all).

I was reckless and I didn’t bother to check my balance. I’d assume I have money. Until I don’t. But I don’t borrow money, I’m egotistical like that, lol. Nah, I just didn’t like to ask for money.

But all these, are of course when I was younger, naive, immature. I do regret not saving or making better financial choices before (which could help me at the present time). But I wouldn’t be here if I did. But isn’t that better? If I knew what I was doing before?

But the fact is, I didn’t. And I accept it. I forgive myself, and I love myself. I accept my mistakes, and I’m ready to make a conscious decision with my money. I promise to be a financially aware person for my future self. I’m going to use my past experience as a learning curve.

“Takpe Dayana, chill. ”

Pick One Paying-Attention Practice

Habit to pickup: Check account balance, expenses & income daily with a side of gratitude & money mantra = I earn enough money to live in the house I envisioned.

Get Help / Support


Assemble Your Team

Panchali (Accountant), Financial Planner (who?)

Make Finance Fun and Pleasurable

What do I love? Knitting, stationery, coding, organising.

How can I incorporate/associate those with financial-consciousness practice? Design visual board for a financial goal. Print out or make as desktop wallpaper.


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