Money Love Story: What’s Your Prince Charming?

Who or what am I waiting for to take care of me?

My mom. No doubt. I’m still here, right? In her house, with the groceries that she buys, and stuff for my kids. Just only recently that I’ve started paying the electric & water bill. Itu pun pakai duit company.

Is it that a part of me feels like she owes me this? For my childhood? She paid for my wedding and stuff too, and I have a feeling probably because she feels like she needs to repay me for neglecting me and using me for money and stuff. Sort of like repaying her guilt.

Or maybe because I see other friends (rich people friends) who also still live with their parents, so it’s pretty normal? And even arwah Aunty Fila’s husband said it’s the wiser choice.

I admit that there are times that I purposely and intentionally ask for help. Like me and Faiz’s iPad. The RM50,000 business coaching. The Eurotrip (both trips!).

While I’m thankful and grateful for it, the luxuries that I probably wouldn’t have had to experience yet if it wasn’t for her, I want to do something on my own. To achieve something on my own.

Beli laptop Illegear hari tu pun pakai duit company. iPhone 11. TV. Electric bill & stuff.

So I guess my second Prince Charming is also the company. Aka my husband. But not completely my husband because I still do work for the company. Yeah.

Prince Charming #1 – my mom
Prince Charming #2 – Elixir Group

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