Money Love Story: Making Your Nice Money Case

What is my limiting belief about money?

That I need to work really hard to earn a lot and that I can only enjoy having a lot of money when I’m older.

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how to flip this. It’s hard for me to imagine or visualise it to be easy. I think it’s really ingrained in me that this is the truth. Or when the money is easy, it’s me being useless…? I mean, like getting handouts from rich husbands. But that’s not what I want. I want to be recognised as someone who does not just spend my husband’s money. I want to spend MY own money.

And in my mind, that requires a lot of work, which makes me tired just thinking about the amount of work I probably need to put in.

I think it’s because I don’t have a measurement of how much is “a lot”. That’s why I feel tired.

Ok, so maybe that’s not a limiting belief, but more of limitless belief lol.

I guess my limiting belief is that I can’t afford a RM 7 million house.

Ok, that makes for a better argument. At we know what we’re going to argue about lol.

Now, pretend you’re a lawyer in court. How could you argue against that belief? What evidence can you find to support the opposite viewpoint? What examples can you find from your own life and from the world around you?

It’s true, I can’t afford a RM 7 million house NOW. But I sure can in the future. I need to identify what it takes to be able to get a loan for that amount of money. I might not even need RM 7 million. That’s just a very high ballpark price. I just need RM2M to get a house. Probably RM500k – RM700k for renovations and builds. About another RM500k for interiors. So about RM5M.

Like, Marie Forleo pun tak dapat rumah yang dia nak tu kan. Then she got it. And so did Oprah. RekaTeemor, Mama, Kak Dik. The last two tu lantak diorang lah, but you know. You get me. Abang Non, Abang Khalid. They all started somewhere.

Again, yeah, I can’t afford it now. But I can in the future. And I believe I can live and raise my kids in the house that I’ve envisioned. It’s scary but do it anyway. Don’t get tempted or pressured by other people my age who are rushing to buy houses to live on their own simply to prove something, to feel like they own something. I want to live on my own, but in a house that I want. In a house where if I don’t need it to stay in it anymore, I’ll do an AirBNB or rent to mat salleh expats and they’ll fucking love it because it’s like a resort and I can rent as expensive as I want! WIN WIN!

What do you think?

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