Money Love Story: Clearing The Way For Self Love

Part 1: Seeing Self-Love

Self-love makes me think of … reading, knitting, napping and feeling good doing it

When I think about loving myself, I feel … a bit cringy. Like if I were to look in the mirror and tell myself that I love that person. Don’t know how to get that adoration.

The reason I don’t care for myself as well as I could is … the lack of adoration. I feel uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror tell myself that I love myself.

I could love myself/value myself more by … start drinking juice, make the things I want to make (food-wise)

Part 2: Creating Love

Five ways that you can care for yourself, value yourself, and/or love yourself more this week.

  1. Drink 2L of plain water daily
  2. Make butter chicken
  3. Wash my hair every other day
  4. Nap an hour every day
  5. Sleep no later than 10:30 pm

What do you think?

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