Quick mind clear session

So I have these three things to do –  TSG proposal, ESI booklet & Skillup brochures and certificate.

But I am so lazy to do it. Not lazy la, but need motivation…? I just want to play games lagi. I know I need to do it. I just need to want to. So skrang ni dalam otak aku tadi because I had to spend close to 1 hour to find delivery fellas for Mak’s stuff, right. I guess it kinda threw me off the loop/track/whatever. But I really need to work now, already.

But just writing this down already clears up my head a bit. So I thought maybe go on WoW for 30 minutes, get it out of my system (although I already did an hour-ish on it). Don’t do quests, do class hall stuff. And go see your mage. Then 3:30, start a bit on TSG until 4, at least write down a recap.

Get file from Syam, find pics and font to use. At least start something. Alright. It’s done.

What do you think?

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