Hi. Good morning. It’s 7:30am. I wanted to wake up earlier, but I guess this is OK. Given lately that my body hurts. Lenguh. Maybe sebab tak exercise kot. Hmm. Maybe next time or tomorrow or something, I’ll go out for a walk at 7-ish with Aufa. “Maybe”.

So today I have to do Rowan’s mood board / concept. i don’t know if I should to a stylescape thing or front cover style. 2 concepts, hmm. Both should be technology-centric. The diagram though…  I think that’s what bothers me. That’s stopping me?

To be honest, I don’t feel like talking about that this morning. What’s my future going to be like? I wonder how Vasos is.

My shoulders are stiff. Damn. I really need to exercise and start taking care of my body. My husband’s 39 today. I don’tknow if he’ll have an existential crisis or not today. I hope he doesn’t, because I’m hoping he’ll help me with Rowan’s stuff. Actually, he’ll have to do it. because it’s quite expensive.

This session is not helping much. I tried to read the writeup again, and it got me panicking more. Like, 2 concepts about technology… what’s going to be the difference??

Dah lama aku tak buat my daily… aspiration. Shit it’s been so long I even forget what it’s called. AFFIRMATIONS. Goddammit.

What’s bothering me right now? Just the ESI brochure concept. Other than that, it’s just Devan’s profile (pretty straightforward). There’s an invoice to issue for Devan, the cert and signboard. And TSG’s proposal. If I finish Devan’s stuff today and Syam does ESI, I can relax. So calm down. What’s bothering me is just the ESI.

I’ll leave that to Syam. Poor boy. The anxiousness is coming back again. Did EFT.

What do you think?

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