Ok, I have work to do la today. Obviously, because it’s Monday, it’s a work day. I have things to do, and I know I have to do it. But I’m not looking forward to it. Actually, it’s not that I’m not looking forward, but I just have something else I want to do first.

I want to get the blanket done and out of sight. But the blanket is going to take a long time to finish. A long time, as in… not today. Probably another 2-3 days. And my work can’t wait another 2-3 days.

But I’m struggling to pull myself to do the thing I have to do, and that I know I must do first. So now I’m prepping myself.

Let’s see, what do I have to do:

  • Devan presentation
  • CALL WITH DEVAN (I dread this)
  • Invoice Devan for deck and brochure
  • Invoice EBK for CSR
  • Update the ERA CSR deck
  • Call with Rowan (maybe today, maybe not)
  • Update ledger 7thlumen (doesn’t have to be today)
  • BNI poster

So let’s start slow.

I have about 45 minutes before the dreaded call with Devan. I want to tell him that we’ll charge RM850 for both brochure and deck. But maybe wait for him to bring it up. Ok, for now… just open the file. And download the stuff he sent and organise it for easy access.

Fast forward 3 hours later – I became productive. Kept the old printer, pasang new one. Sent updated quote, ERA stuff. Wow. It’s a wonder what baby steps can do.

What do you think?

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