Aku rasa serabut sekarang. Faiz punya homework has a lot of catching up to do. My workspace/room is a mess. Not mess, just really cluttered because there are a lot of things. I want to sort it out, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I know I have to trace it one by one, but I just feel overwhelmed when I start to think about it. There’s also Aufa’s clothes that I want to sort out.

There’s so many things that I suddenly want to do, and I feel overwhelmed. It’s not that suddenly nak buat, but I laid it down last week so it’s apparent now to me what I have to do, and want to do. And need to do for a little mental clarity. But now I find that it a lot and I feel like whipping out my Illegear and go on WoW.

BUT I HAVE NOT. I practiced self-restrain and I’m proud of that. It wasn’t easy and my progress was really slow (I was doing cost breakdown for Pecman), but I’m inching towards my goal. I need to move faster though. Maybe I will after I thought dump this serabut-ness.

There’s birds outside my window. I’ve had my coffee, so that’s good. Although I want to have more. Take a deep breath and chill. My husband’s annoying.

What do you think?

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