Baby steps to reclaiming myself

I’m sucked into playing WoW again, but this time it doesn’t even bring me much satisfaction anymore. In fact, I wonder what I’m doing on it. But as usual, I’ll still play it even if I don’t feel like it anymore.

And it’s exactly what I’m feeling now. I’m about to go probe myself which is going to make me feel uncomfortable and forcing me to see my thoughts, and I have this URGE to just stop typing and press Play on app. Even Aufa stirring in her sleep gives me the distraction I crave.

This is bad, guys. I know there are a tonne of things I could do to sort my life and stuff out, to address. Yet here I am avoiding all that.

And the worse thing is, I know exactly what to do to overcome this, but I don’t have the motivation to.

Hm, maybe I should try implementing that IG post I saw. Managing expectations. I can’t expect myself to turn 180, baby steps. Maybe do the Monday hour one list first.

What do you think?

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