Creative block?

Hmm. I don’t have a particular topic to talk about, I just feel like I needed to write something out. Well, I know why I want to write it out. It’s because I’m back in that lazy, procrastinating mood again. Lazy and procrastinating because I have to do design work, which I don’t really know why I hesitate.

Well, that’s a lie, because I know I hesitate because I think I’m not good at it. I take a long time, I think too much, etc. I get sort of offended when my work is criticised by anybody other than my husband. Because, what the hell do you know about design? Lol.

I don’t know. I’m torn between wanting to be a successful business person and just do nothing. Want to be a successful business person? In what though? Because in 7thlumen I feel like I have to put this front, while in Figment, I feel like it’s something I fool around with and not worth paying attention to.

Wow, that kind of hurts.

At this moment, I just want to play games. Actually, I’d prefer to do anything other than producing work.

I think maybe it’s because I don’t actively practice my creativity. I don’t sharpen it as you might say. I’m good at skills, like crochet, knitting, sewing, using Photoshop & Illustrator, but not coming up with ideas. I don’t want to think.

I’ll challenge myself, to produce, or to work on a creative artwork everyday.

What do you think?

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