I’ve been meaning to journal for a while now, but I’ve either been distracted to play WoW instead or sleep altogether. Lately, I know I’ve not been feeling “up” or at least a higher threshold. And I know I should’ve started journaling then, but I didn’t. Here I am now.

I’m not really sure what’s going on, it’s just that I don’t want to do things that I’m supposed to do – such as restocking Aufa’s food, do actual 7thlumen work, etc. Instead, I choose to play games. Not even to nap. I couldn’t even nap for long. Syam could, though.

So, what’s wrong? Don’t know. Just… no motivation to do anything other than play games.

Is it wrong? No… I don’t necessarily feel bad about it. I just know that something’s not right, but I’m not taking the time to find out what it is and how I can turn it around. I procrastinate. I sleep late. I eat too many chicken skins. I don’t feel like eating. My appetite has gone down, my skin’s getting bad.

So, yeah, something is not right.

Abraham Hicks said something about not being aligned with, um, your actual being or something like that. True Self or Source. I forgot.

If I’m aligned, I wouldn’t feel this way. I need to read back the book.

I know I just need to be aligned. But I need to know what I need to align to.

Sounds confusing? It makes sense, actually. I just don’t know how to properly articulate it.

I feel a bit better, though. That I’m trying to take a step to overcome it.

Good night.

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