Mood prepping

Ok, I have work to do. But I’m not really in the mood. Maybe because I’m tired. I’m sleepy, but Aufa hasn’t been napping long enough for me to nap or do actual work. I haven’t been playing any games either. I’m just too tired lol.

Right now I’m even tired to type. But I know it’s just a mental thing. I need to let some shit out of my head, clear my head to be able to do work properly. Or just focus.

What’s on my mind right now? That I’m just too tired. Sleepy. I want to nap. But I can bet that if I lay down, I won’t be able to nap. I’d try to stay awake, to “do” something. Most likely Tiktok or IG because that’s all I can do while putting Aufa to sleep and I’m too tired to read.

But I really feel like lying down now. So tired. And hungry.

No, I’m not hungry actually. I just want to munch. I want to “emotional eat”. Because I don’t feel too good, so I want to eat to distract myself.

The things that I need to do are really not hard. I just need to copy and paste all the other members’ profiles and pictures.

Then the Sumayya combo deals. That’s probably going to take a bit more time and probably a bit more complex, I plan to do it at night anyway.

But the other stuff is really simple. I don’t really need to think. Just listen to a funny podcast and do. It’s not that much.

Smile, grab your iced coffee, eat a cookie, and let’s go!

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