MCO 3.0+

MCO 3.0 is extended for another 2 weeks, which sucks. I was looking forward to getting my head in the game while the kids are away. That’s not happening, so I have to find another way to get in the game.

It sucks, really. I really need time away from the kids, at least for a few hours. Not bedtime away. Like, waking time away.

This Grammarly is bothering me la pulak, telling me I have wrong grammar and shit. I don’t care, lol. No one’s reading this except me. I think.

But yeah. I’m… not doing so well, mentally. And physically and physiologically. I’m constipated, bloated, highly flatulent, and I’ve been having sharp pains piercing the side of my knee (I think it’s the sartorius muscle – lower trigger, but I might be wrong. It still hurts though) the whole fucking day. It’s so frustrating and painful, I actually cried.

And the news about MCO, I’m not really looking forward to anything. Next week school starts, another online class (Faiz’s). I don’t know, man. I really don’t know.

I just feel down. Demotivated. Sad. Want to cry. Goosebumps creeping up my arms, tingling around my upper abdomen going up to my throat.

What if I’m stuck here? What if it’s going to be MCO until August? How can I manage with my kids? My work? Figment? What is the point of everything? Of doing anything?

What if I do find a way? What if I feel better? What if I get better? What if Aufa’s better? What if I managed? What if I get my work done? What if I get to play WoW again?

That’ll be great. That’ll be great. I’m looking forward to it.

What do you think?

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