Office dilemma

Hey. So I notice that I’m not really in a good place right now. Signs are: I feel tired and sleepy, but I can’t nap. I’m hungry, but I feel too tired to eat and finish my food. I get tired by just even looking at the food! I don’t feel like doing anything, even things that I have to do. I’m looking at my Shopee delivery to see if I’m going to get it today because I want to feel happy a bit.

We’ve just brought back some stuff from the office, and maybe that’s why? There was some contemplating from Syam that maybe we should continue one more month and actually going into the office and work. And if it doesn’t work out after a month, we leave.

I think the indecisiveness is making me feel tired. In fact, I KNOW that’s the reason why.

I love the office, I love the room. But it’s too much to pay when we’re not there. I know being there for a brief moment sort of gave us a bit of motivation. But I don’t want to be fooled into false hope again. It’s tiring. False hope that we’ll be back to normalcy any time soon.

Working from home is also fine. Of course, the mood is different, but the work still gets done. It’s just that we don’t have a proper place and I’m not getting the amount of sunlight I need, Syam has to deal with the noisy dog, the heat because the fan’s not working properly and working at the dining table is simply not ergonomic. I don’t have adequate space for my files. I need to switch to another computer to print because the wireless connection is not working for the printer. It’s just not a conducive space to work in.

I want to rent a house and turn one of the rooms into a study/office space. Considering that our kids are still small, anyway, they’d only need 1 room. 1 master bedroom, 1 bedroom, and 1 office/study should suffice. We’re not looking at a permanent solution, just a quick fix. A year or two until they’ve outgrown the rooms, and until we’re capable of taking out a loan or have put aside sufficient money for a downpayment of a house or whatnot.

As of right now, in this house, we do not have an office. We only have 2 rooms to work with, which is not enough. Unless, all four boys sleep on the bottom bed, and we turn this room into a study/office. We would have to remove the bed. We can keep the current shelving and table, and just add on other desks.

I think I can try to recreate this room in The Sims 4.

What do you think?

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