Baby steps to reclaiming my best self

Aku dah mengantuk ni, tapi aku tahan mata. I’m trying to find things to do, tapi it’s either aku tak rasa mcm nak buat, or I feel too sleepy to do. I mean, tanak buat benda yang kena fikir, sebab kononnya mengantuk. Tapi… tak rasa mcm I should sleep.

What the hell man.

Honestly speaking, I don’t like this feeling.

I know what to do, and what I should do. But I can’t find the motivation or drive to do it. I’m taking the easy way out lagi. I want to get out of this circle. Whatever you call it.

Ok, baby steps. Baby steps. Going into a meeting is a big step for me.

Let’s aim small accomplishments. Real life accomplishments.

And stop saying you’re ok. Because clearly you’re not.

Tonight, after this post & before going to sleep, recite my “mantra”. My list. Write 1 thing you’re grateful for today (or more, if you can think of more).

Baby steps.

What do you think?

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