Lately ni, I noticed I’ve been more online on WoW, and been neglecting on focusing on myself. I’ve been distracting myself. My room’s a mess, my desk is a mess and I don’t have the want to clean it up. I see the mess, I am rimas with the mess, but yet I don’t do anything about the mess. I prefer going on WoW than doing my work or work on myself.

I understand that it’s a phase. I’d rather not sleep to play WoW, although sometimes I’m bored or I don’t know what to do in there.

And then suddenly ada urge to do work while journaling ni. So funny. I’m trying to compensate.

Haih, entah lah. I seem to have lost my eye on the goal. On my goals. I’m drifting again. It’s not good, I know. Beban semua kat laki aku je macam ni.

Entah la weh. Aku tak tau apa nak fikir. Sometimes I’d stare or duk mengelamun, tapi takde any conscious thoughts. Now aku rasa mengantuk & nak tidur. Menguap. Negative vibe dikeluarkan? Ya, maybe.

Banyak benda sangkut. Work stuff. Is it true, though? Banyak benda serabut dalam kepala otak, yang boleh settle if aku take the time to organise in my head. Fuck la Aufa asyik bangun.

What do you think?

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