Money management

Initially, I didn’t think I wanted to journal this early in the morning, but I did my Monday Hour One and my head’s functioning pretty well now. So there is something I want to talk about.

I have money management issues. I do. I tend to end use up whatever money that I intend to put aside. The Cyberjaya house rental deposits, Figment’s remaining investment money, ASB moratorium money, and others. I know and am well aware of the concept to put aside money and don’t touch it, but I somehow have not been successful at refraining myself. And the worst part is, I don’t realise that I am using that money.

And I feel bad.

I also feel lost. I don’t know how to encounter it. I want to encounter it. But there’s this feeling conflict of having and seeing the money and keeping it elsewhere hidden. I want to see I have a lot of money, but I might spend it. Whereas if I keep it hidden, I’d think I don’t have enough money.

Hm. Penyakit duit. I guess it impacts me differently from my family. Actually, not really. It’s just the same. The only difference is I don’t have that large amount of money. But I still want more. Like they all do.

I have a lot of doubts in my head. Will Figment actually sell? Will I be able to cater to the orders coming in if it does sell? I don’t know how to prepare for all this. I’m scared. I feel like I’m self-sabotaging. I plan to launch Figment in November/December, but I’m so damn scared. I think I’m purposely postponing it.

Wow. I want to address this issues that I’m having.

  1. Money management.
  2. Business management.

Both are top priority. Although, I think money management would affect the business part more, so I’ll put more importance to it.

But what kind of money management am I looking for? I know the common/commercial/popular/conventional ones, of course – investments, FD, savings, unit trusts, stocks. But is there any other that’s more… exciting?

What do you think?

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