Don’t skip journaling

I’m alone in the office. I didn’t get the chance to journal in the morning because I was getting ready for BNI meeting, having breakfast and all that. No one’s replying my messages at the moment and my brain’s trying to get me to do something “productive”. But I think I need to take a breather, enjoy the silence and listen to my thoughts. Or better yet, let go of my thoughts. Let out. Not let go.

It looks so peaceful outside. I can see the big white ball out in the distance clearly today. Heavy rain yesterday, so the sky is clear from dark clouds.

I’m sleepy. We had to wake Fariz up because he had diarrhoea and it spilt out his diapers onto the bed. I smelled it. I did. But I didn’t check what it was. So we had to bathe him, and Syam had to bathe as well. And Faliq woke up, and we all stayed awake singing and playing while waiting for Syam to finish cleaning up and bathe.

That was about from 2:15 am to 3 am. And I had to wake up at 5 am. So, yeah, I’m pretty sleepy.

I want to

I wrote that then got distracted lol.

Yeah, so I want to do Puteri Cili proposal. Yep.

Ok. How are my thoughts now? Eh. Same. I can’t help think of how sleepy I am and that I want to sleep. You know, let’s just take a short, uncomfortable nap.

OR! I do the Puteri Cili then go for a massage later? But I’m sleepy now. Yeah, I’m going to sleep first. Nightssss

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