value = money

I remember thinking something yesterday night. Let me recall. Oh I think it’s about how I determine my salary by my value. By the value I provide? Something like that. RM5,000 is definitely not enough for me monthly, but I feel guilty of taking more, because I don’t feel I give out enough value.

And this demotivates me to work. Maybe because the value I see is by coming out with design work. Which I suck at. See I’m degrading myself again. I don’t suck at design work. I’m just slower compared to Syam, I take more time to generate design idea and I take a lot of trial and error to execute it.

I still compare myself to Syam and it sucks. When I don’t ask him to do websites. Actually aku pun tak buat dah, lol.

So ni macam mana ni. Where does the problem start?

What the problem is – RM5,000 is not enough for me.
But I feel guilty to increase more because – I think I’m not giving enough value to take that salary.
What is value – The design work I make
What’s wrong with the design – I should be faster to generate idea & execute.

So the problem is, I think I’m only valuable and deserve more money when I produce design work more.

But if our client is still just ERA, how can the company make more money to pay me? There’s Avisol and Apaka yang aku tak boleh nak buat cepat2. Haih.

In the end I’ll put it all back on me kan.

I really need – no. I really want to work on this. I want to believe I’m great at graphic design and branding work too.

What do you think?

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