Where’s my money??

Good morning. I woke up at 5:30am today, because I want to journal and I don’t know what time Fariz is going to wake up. Yesterday he woke up a little past 6am, cutting my journal time short.

I want to cut down my coffee intake la. Limit to 1 cup a day. Ugh I drank it like quite a lot, and I actually do feel bad when I have my second or sometimes (rarely) even third. I’m not sure if it’s going to make any difference to the baby because she’s now in the fattening process already, not growth anymore. Yesterday I had 2 cups. Mugs. I had 2 mugs of coffee.

Today I will limit to 1 cup only. And at for dinner I will drink coconut water.

I rejected graphic designer for a role in the marketing PT lol. Boleh la kitorang buat je design kecik-kecik. Can help boost my confidence. But then.. If I do job kecik, will I still be confident bila buat project besar? Maybe it’ll back fire, but hey, at least I’ll still bring in income to the company.

Try je la kan. Today I will sambung my quest to find visitors for BOD.

Eh, my money finish already lah. RM6,905 salary plus the Mazda memang tak cukup lah. But I do have extra expenses la this month. Pest control (RM150), cukai tanah (RM400), deposit pantang (RM300), Nani pinjam duit (RM300), Figment online marketing checklist (RM180), Syam using my cash to buy food. That’s totalling more than RM1,200 already. Oh, I have to put money in for Spotify.


Not satisfied with my income conditions now. I want to increase my income. Bila nak dapat RM25,000 ni?? Where is it? Is it still on the way? How far is it?? Can I get RM10,000 dulu?? I’m so angry! I want it! I want the RM10,000 so bad! Hurry! Faster!!


How the heck does Syam still have 6k?? FUCK

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