EFT & Positive Affirmations for work

Good morning. I’m still sleepy, not 100% awake. But I still want to do this.

Today is a new day. I have work to do. I’m having a 121 session with Qisha, then I’m pretty much free to do what I want. I want to do Apaka brand book and Avisol’s flyers. I also want to renew my BNI membership and also renew Syam’s BoC membership.

Oh! My Stranger Things LEGO is sprawling on the table, not complete yet. I guess I’ll do that before my 121 session. Oh don’t forget to bring a jacket as well. It’s been bloody cold.

And then, oh we have “booked” our breakfast lol. And um send Tony a picture of the broken drawer.

Mama will be away until Wednesday, so Faiz will go to Tadika. Oh, scan the Jeep’s cover letter. Bring iPad ok.

Ok, so far so good. Let me go put these stuff in my calendar then I’ll come back.

Ok, done.

How do I feel? Yeah ok. Still sleepy. Is there anything else I want to let out? The brand book, yeah. Let’s do some EFT on it.

I feel better towards doing the brand book now. So today I will repeat a positive affirmation about the brand book. Let’s list it down:

  • I love doing the brand book
  • I want to finish the brand book
  • Miqi is going to love the brand book
  • I do a great job at layout and designing the brand book
  • I will have some obstacles and I will overcome it
  • I will ask for help
  • I am great. I am creative
  • I get the job done.
  • I love myself.

What do you think?

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