I didn’t really get a sound night’s sleep yesterday. I keep waking up a few times, and Syam did too, maybe because of Fariz. He wasn’t sleeping well either. I think I’m also excited about the car? We’re going to pick out which one today. Maybe it’s also because I didn’t finish the BOD poster?

Possibly. All I know is I didn’t sleep through the night. Ugh bulu ketiak dah tumbuh, nak kena cabut. Well, I guess I’ll do it during the weekend.

Yesterday, I tried sticking to my calendar. It was a bit hard because I got distracted talking, I mean I didn’t account on Tya being in and didn’t set time to show her the ropes and stuff. But then I didn’t have to do Tyller’s keynote. Then the email to Hema took a while to write. Took me about 30 minutes to 1 hour maybe?? Then the adhoc changes to Akademi AlKhayr website. I need to tell her that she has to pay for the changes and updates, because there wasn’t any maintenance agreement between us.

Was it a productive day overall? Yeah, I guess I could say so. I did do the showcase poster, sent the quilts to dry cleaning, sent the email, did ICM edit, the Merdeka virtual background, Akademi Al Khayr website update. I didn’t get to do Apaka and the BOD poster.

I think I’m just not entirely satisfied that I didn’t get to do exactly as what I had put in the calendar. But then, that’s life la kan? I mean, it’s not like I didn’t do anything at all yesterday. It’s not like I purposely skipped stuff because I felt lazy. I just needed more practice to honour my relationship with time & myself.

You know what I like after each posting? I feel lighter. My head feels lighter. Even if it’s just a silly rant, nothing ground breaking or soul changing, my head feels lighter. Like there’s a weight being lifted off. Could it be that thought has mass? I know a soul does. Probably.

I like my light head.

What do you think?

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