Time management

I have about 30-40 minutes before waking up Faiz for school.

I’ve set my calendar for this week, with the Monday Hour One technique. And today, I have a lot of things to do. I hope I don’t procrastinate it and malas nak buat. And I really want to stick the time that I’ve allocated for each tasks. Or at least finish earlier.

When I knew about the technique, I thought it was a good idea for time management. But I can’t help feeling like wouldn’t it give me anxiety and stress? To finish it on time, to force myself to finish it on time, instead of calmly giving me time to do the task? Wouldn’t it be more stressful?

I mean, I understand it’s about giving me a fixed duration so that I will focus and quickly do the job. And confirm the job will get done, instead of me delaying and taking my own sweet time to do it and God knows when will it finish.

Yeah, I’m ready to try this. I want to stick to my schedule today. And I can do it.

Last week I was hit with the lazy bug. I really didn’t want to do anything related to 7thlumen. But I think mostly is because I’m tired from staying late the day before doing Figment. I was so caught up with finishing the bags that my sleep was haywire.

Oh I need to transfer money also lah to my BigPay, CIMB, EPF and pay PTPTN, Celcom & CBD bills.

Yeah, so time – was kelam kabut for me last week. And I did question my purpose doing Figment because I was too consumed in it. Now that 90% of the bags I want to shoot is done, I can take a breather. Then I need to revisit my Figment plan and see where I am now.

I’m definitely late in starting my social media launch. I meant to do it this month. But because I didn’t plan my time, and I just did what I felt like doing, it’s um.. all over the place now.

I’m going to put that in my calendar for next week.

What do you think?

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