RMO Day 77

Hi good morning. The affirmations are great, I don’t think I’m not good enough anymore. When I feel down, I understand I’m human, that it’s normal, and I am okay again. I just let the feeling go through me. Do I have concerns? Yes. Mostly is financial. Because I don’t know when I’m going to get it.

But I did list down 2020 financials currents and wants, and I have a more clear view of how much I should be making. The problem with the last list was I calculated the balance I should have as well and kept wondering where the hell it went because it didn’t tally. That kind of made me in be in a place of lack.

I’m not sure if I’m constantly was in that state unconsciously, but after the exercise it feels lighter. I want to read back Abraham’s book and practice LoA for abundance again. And I’m also thankful for Vasos, for helping me rephrase my question regarding money.

Instead of “How do I make RM25,000 every month?” and feel worried, change it to “I wonder how can I make RM25,000 every month?”, which invokes a feeling of curiosity, possibilities and excitement. At first I thought it was the same question. But when I said it out loud, I notice the feeling is different.

I’ve only just started asking that yesterday, so I definitely don’t know the answer yet, lol. But I don’t feel intimidated by it, by the thought.

As for the affirmations, I don’t feel scared anymore. Initially I was nervous thinking about starting Figment again, I was kinda stuck in headlights, I was thinking what if people don’t buy, maybe it’s not the right time to make it, etc etc. But a week later and I’m eager to start sewing. Everything seems to fall into place, it’s great.

Everything in my life is great and wonderful.

“Good things come easy for me” is one of my affirmations.
“I’m in a home that fulfils me” is also it, and it is. I’m so happy with my workspace.
“I am enough, I am worthy, I am deserving” “I am living my best life” – I feel great about myself now.
“I am in great health” – Asako invited me to her pregnant-friendly yoga class yesterday.
“I am energetic”, “I honour my time” – I do, so far I have stuck to the schedule I set.

Omg so many, the list is long. I love the affirmations.

What do you think?

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