RMO Day 74

Ok, so I’m JUST starting to have feelings of self-doubt, random sorrow, my normal bouts of emotion. Hmm, maybe it’s just meant to happen every 2 – 3 weeks. What I learnt from Big Bang Theory, apparently men too, have their emotional days every month. They just don’t bleed.

Hm. Starting to feel better by just accepting it’s normal.

Maybe I am being too hard on myself. Hey, you understand that it’ll take time for your goals to realise. You know it is on it’s on its way to you. Your own house, your own business that makes a lot of money. You know the Universe is providing it to you.

You think good things don’t happen to you as much, but it does. Everyday good things happen. You get to eat without your kids bugging you, Fariz didn’t make a mess when he attempted to feed himself the mashed potato. You got sweet tea from Texas Chicken. You cleaned up the work room, it looks SO much nicer now. You realised there were more fabrics smushed among other things when you attempted to clean the cupboard. Your sister wants you to come over. People want you, people love you.

It’s amazing, your life is amazing. And you’ll be getting the RM200,000 anytime soon! Your life is wonderful. Don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you when you feel down. You’re human, and now that you know it happens every month, you’re more prepared. You know better.

Good job, Dayana.

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