RMO Day 30

Do I care if 7thlumen grows? Am I OK with just 1 client, as long as ada duit masuk? Or do I just care about I, myself, getting RM15,000 income?

Time to be truthful about myself.
BRB, make coffee first.

I don’t know how to approach this. Before I could even answer something, another thought comes and another feeling comes then another question comes up, then I make a decision, and then I feel something else, and it’s all under… 10 seconds????

The mind is a crazy thing.

I know that I want money. I can feel it in my body, flowing through my fingers as I’m typing this. I know I’ll have it. The question is, how to get it.

But, if I’m sure it’s coming, why do I worry how to get it? Why do I have to burden myself with energy-wasting thoughts like should I grow 7thlumen or not? Should I find clients or not.

The answer is, yes, I should find clients and grow the business because that’s my PROFESSIONAL job. And I should also start up Figment again, because I love making the pouches, and I have so many design ideas!

I shouldn’t use these two to give me money, because the money will come on its own. I should just do it with high vibration, good feelings.

I missed the Mastermind sessions? I always forgot about it? It’s fine. It doesn’t mean I’m lazy and irresponsible and that the business should just fuck off. It just means I’m human and I can always watch the recordings again.

I don’t need to be hard on myself. It shouldn’t be all or nothing. It should be, something happened, I notice it, so now let’s try to do something about it (or not).

What do you think?

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