RMO Day 28

What am I feeling now?

I feel weird. In the tummy. I don’t know if it’s hormonal or… feeling? I think I want to make coffee and go sit outside for a while.

I’m feeling a lot better now. Not sure if it’s the coffee or being outside.

When questions get tough, when I have to make choose an answer, I don’t want to be uncomfortable. What am I feeling right now? That typing on the phone is not the same as on the keyboard.

I’m eager to show people externally that I’m great. I want to please them. But I’m all alone, I regret everything I said and feel obliged and hate what I’m supposed to do.

Haih. Owning up. This is it. Owning up. I have to own up to the decisions I made, whether I wanted it or did it just to please people.

I should’ve told Rooban I didn’t want to be a leader. I chose to join BNI.

I used to allocate 30 minutes to do LEGO guilt-free at work. Like, really get into in and enjoy. I’m going to do that while at home too. So I feel fulfilled.

I want to work on:

  • 7thlumen:
    • MBA
    • Website
    • Social media content
  • BNI
    • 121 (1 hour)
    • Presentation
    • 121 & Gains sheet
  • Journal
    • Thought download
    • List of positive things
    • Design & build
  • Idle time
    • Sort Lego
    • Knitting
    • Eat
    • Mandi
    • Play with kids
    • Exercise
  • Figment
    • Social media content

Now to set the time to spend on each task, and put on my calendar! Hah! I feel accomplished already!

What do you think?

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