RMO Day 25

Government extended RMO to another 14 days, it was expected. It’s expected another 2 weeks lagi.

I feel like I have to plan for the business, to prepare until MCO is lifted. But I think I shouldn’t push it. I’m only just starting to feel better, to feel good, and I don’t want to give a huge task to do and be overwhelmed and pressured by it.

Let’s take it slow, build momentum. Do 121s, because that’s the easiest thing I can do right now. And that’s also a burden for me haha.

Oh no, I hear a child wake up. Did Fariz fell from the bed? Maybe. But I’m not done journaling. Am I?

Ok, let’s quickly focus on what I want to feel today:
I want to feel good. I don’t want to feel like I wasted my time / my day by watching Netflix and knitting only. I want to feel accomplished.

Ok cool.
So, bake cupcake~
And, I want to doodle something.

Oh, and reply or follow up whatever actions I left dangling. Like, pay Tedz for the sanitisers. Ask Devin for his company profile. PLAN CONTENT MARKETING. Watch MBA mastermind recordings. Branding tutorial. Oof, starting to feel pressured.

I hope Mama goes out today. So I can bake cake with no judge-y eyes. Like I care.

What do you think?

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