RMO Day 21

I wanted to do this after my exercise, but let’s just do it anyway.

I realise that I’m still thinking of the how. What I mean is, when I look back at my past journal entries, it’s about LOA. I try to feel good to attract good things.

I realise that I’m still thinking about HOW to get it. In LOA, you don’t think about the how, you just need to feel like you have it. And the logic IS there – because when you think about how to get it, you’ll notice that you DON’T have it, and therefore will give out the vibration of lack. Which will then pushes what you away from you than pulling it to you.

So apa masalahnya dengan aku, sekarang?

I can’t wait. I’m anxious. I want it now. I want to see the results ASAP.

That’s my problem.

I don’t like that I’m spending my days in an unstructured way, like, malas throughout the day. I’m only consistent at waking up in the morning for exercise and me time, then for the rest of the day, I just breeze through?

I’m not working on the business, I’m not working on BNI, I left the lego unsorted. I only did knitting, and that’s because I’m watching Netflix. I don’t cook, I don’t do the laundry. I don’t work.

And yet I feel bad.

Is it because I don’t do all that, so I feel bad? I should own up to it, right?

It’s a compounding effect la… It’s a snowball? Loop?

But what was the thought that was causing me NOT to do it in the first place? I have no idea. I just felt lazy. Like I didn’t want to do anything.

Ok, let’s just try scheduling the day? Mama’s going away today, so… it’ll probably be hard to predict the kids’ day.


I’ve done scheduling the day. I kind of feel like it’s not going to work out as I planned.

I don’t want to take responsibility. On a lot of things – my health, my money, my income, my day.

What a lazy person.

What do you think?

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