RMO Day 12

This is awesome.

What is my business goal? What is my expectation from BNI? Right now I feel bothered by the things I have to do for BNI, because I didn’t set any expectations. Well, there is. I mean, I didn’t expect to get business from it, just to network. And because of that expectation, I feel like banyak effort to put in just to network.

Like, literally. I’m ok with the 121, now with the Zoom training, it’s even better. But the brag challenge, meetings and whatnot, pftt. I feel like that’s too much for just making friends.

BNI needs to be helping my business goal. How? It needs to contribute to achieving my goal.

I suppose it has, in a way. I meet clients, I can differentiate the clients I want and don’t.

  • I offer a holistic value to clients. You want a company profile only? Let me throw in other things at you.
  • I can’t do 1 thing only. Company profile sahaja. For RM750. That’s too low.

What do you think?

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