RMO Day 11

I’m at this feeling where I don’t want to do anything. Like, work-wise. Career-wise. I just want to stay where I am. Aku malas nak cari client baru, malas nak think of our “systems”, what services we offer, nak update company profile, 121 sheet, nak 121 or whatever.

I feel frustrated. I feel like I’m going nowhere. I feel like this isn’t the right course for me. I can’t wait for September to come so I don’t have to renew my BNI membership. Fucking a lot of work weh. Commitment sana sini.

Tapi kalau aku kat office pun, bukan nye aku buat apa sangat pun. Haihh.

I just want to do what I feel like doing. Like, aku nak buat website skrang. Or draw.

I want to work on impulse. And who’s to say I can’t?

I want to list down ALL the things I want to do, for my OWN enjoyment. No obligations, not because I have to do it (that doesn’t require money).

  1. I want to eat cookies
  2. I want to knit.
  3. I want to redesign my blog
  4. I want to sew bag
  5. I want to build my Stranger Things LEGO
  6. I want to play Civilisations
  7. I want to draw, doodle
  8. I want to feel productive

What else do I want to do?

  1. I want to eat cake
  2. I want to watch a movie
  3. I want the kids to leave me alone
  4. I want to stop looking at Facebook
  5. I want to read
  6. I want to be in high vibrations
  7. I want to colour
  8. I want to be & feel abundant, even during the lockdown
  9. I want to sort the legos

I think I’ll sort the LEGOs.

What do you think?

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