RMO Day 9

I finished the proposal. I feel a bit awkward sending it today, but I think that was proposal was good. Great. To be used as template. It’s something I’m extremely satisfied with. Like it’s better than the ones before. Of course it will be updated along the way, but this version, I feel it’s ready. I think it’s better explained.

Then I’m going to to a campaign proposal pula.

I just paid Vasos, oh my I didn’t do the Vinesh thing. But I’m doing it now, I hope it still counts lol. At first I’m like, takut sikit, but I told myself, I’ll make this money back.

I think I’m going to talk to Kam about the branding again. Maybe don’t charge him that much. Half of what I’m going to charge kebab guys.  Use him as my guinea pig.

What do you think?

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