Morning EFT

I didn’t thought download this morning, I did EFT instead.

I found back the list of emotional baggages I did in 2018, when through the first 3-4 points to see if I still felt anything. And I did for some, so I decided to try tapping for it.

It was easier than imagining up the past and to say “I forgive you” and all that I was supposed to do. I didn’t I know about this sooner? But then I don’t know la if it will be gone forever or the emotions will come back.

I did EFT of these emotional baggages:

  • My dad for putting us in this debt situation. For not informing us about our grandpa. For not being a dad.
    The script: Even though my dad is sick & I’m still angry at my dad, I completely & deeply accept myself.
  • My mom for never thinking I whatever I did was enough. For comparing me & Anin with other people, & putting them up on a pedestal. For the lies she made about me just to get sympathy and money.
    The script: Even though I was made to feel like I wasn’t good enough by own mother, I completely & deeply accept myself.
  • My mom promised me when I was 12 that if I aced my UPSR exam, she’d take me Australia. I’ve never been to outside Malaysia and it’s very exciting, and I got my 5As. But she didn’t take me. But when Aida was as young as 9 yo, she got to go to Australia. I didn’t follow. It was unfair. And I didn’t bother to get As for my other exams anymore, cos whatever I do just doesn’t impress her.
    The script: Even though I am sad, angry, disappointed and frustrated with my mother for not fulfilling her promise to take me to Australia, I completely & deeply accept myself.
  • My dad for calling Abang Khalid know about Ayahwan sick and dying instead of us, the daughters. (I did EFT, but still feel a bit of disbelieve. From super raging anger to mild disbelief.)
    The script: Even though I’m super angry at my dad for calling Abang Khalid when Ayahwan was sick and dying instead of his daughters, I completely and deeply accept myself.

I’ve got a freaking long list to go through. Hopefully by the end of the list when I’ve successfully released the baggages and made peace with myself, my eczema goes away.

What do you think?

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