Therapy session 2

I’ve just finished a session with Vasos, and I’m telling you, the guy’s a genius! I don’t even bother to correct myself because I’m exaggerating, but WHATEVER, I’m SO ELATED right now! I feel SO READY to receive money! RM15,000? Heh, that’s in my pocket. That’s my bare minimum.

How am I going to get it? I don’t know how, but I know I’ll get it. That I have it. That it’s coming to me. So excited!!

So excited to give back to the world! Ya Allah, thank you so much, for meeting me with this person, for giving me this chance this opportunity. I don’t care what the religious freaks say, you had opened the door to me, and I am embracing it, Ya Allah. Lantak ngkorang la nak ckp haram ke whatever shit, but Allah gives me this, I’m taking it. No way I’m saying no to my creator.

I love this feeling. I’m so making this money, man.

Key takeaways: was the EFP.

While reciting and repeating what is bothering me or my limiting beliefs:

    1. tap the base of my knuckles with 3 fingers, then;
    2. tap my space between my eyebrows with 2 fingers, then;
    3. tap the side of my eye with 2 fingers, then;
    4. tap the bottom bone of my eye with 2 fingers, then;
    5. tap the space between my lip and my nose with 2 fingers, then;
    6. tap my chin with 2 fingers, then;
    7. tap both my collarbones with both hands, then;
    8. tap my head with 3 fingers.
    9. Do it repeatedly until it feels lighter. Maybe about 2-3 times.
    10. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and release slowly.
    11. And drink water.

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