Figment – What di I do?

Hmm. New Year is literally in the corner. 3 hours away, to be exact. And I feel something, but I don’t have the vocabulary for it. Macam, something tak lengkap, something belum decide, especially & mostly about work/career – 7thlumen & figment. For 7thlumen, aku tak buat content marketing lagi. For Figment, I hadn’t even given a thought how to go about it. I want to grow it, but I hadn’t set time aside to think about it.

Do I take a loan? Do I buy a machine? I don’t know. There are things that popped up in the way, like personal loan, platform to sell the bags, but I can’t tell if these are signs to proceed or a trap? Part of me wants to see it like an opportunity, but another part of me is like wary, cautious, berhati-hati, because I’ve made mistakes previously. Being too optimistic, and ended up not doing anything and wasted money instead.

A part of me is saying, boleh ni, if I put my all into it, but another mature, wiser part of me is saying, Yes, but WILL I put my all into it?

So I’m actually questioning my own commitment. Hmm. That’s an eye opener. It is.

I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses, but I really need to list down all the obstacles that I can think of if I pursue Figment. They might sound whiny, like I’m complaining, but I’m not – I’m simply listing what I THINK I will face, the hardship, the stuff that I will make up actual excuses on.
^ A reminder for me

Yeah, I think that will help me a lot, unloading it. I might not get the answers straight away, but it’ll help me clear my thoughts and “see” my perception of “obstacles”.

What do you think?

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