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Ok, so today I want to do a more serious thought download, about the business (7thlumen). I want to think about plans to make… but the point is, it’s not working out how I thought it is. And of course, part of it is that we didn’t do the exercises from Rajiv, and part of it is also because we didn’t do it together. We didn’t plan together. Even when he’s coming up with “ideas” right now or realises mistake, it’s from the things Rajiv had already included in the exercises. Which what we could AVOID if he has been in it together.

So it’s stressful.

And I’m sick of him telling me I’m getting small paying jobs. Whatever job I’ll take, it’ll always be a nuisance to him. Even if he doesn’t have to do it. You know what? Now that we’re on a holiday, we can sit down and discuss about 7thlumen.


Anyway, getting back to what I initially wanted to write about, is the direction of 7thlumen. As of now, we are doing design works. We do branding as well, but not “properly”? What’s proper? Is it sebab takde background in marketing? I don’t la, I learn business and stuff along the way.

Actually, aku pun tak tau apa yang I want to thought download about this. I can’t come up with “strategies” straight up kan. I need to go back through MBA stuff and re-do or whatever. And that will kacau my thought download time. Instead, I can talk about my feelings about it, thoughts (not strategy) about it? More emotional.

My fear is… I don’t know what I’m doing or promoting. I promote myself as a brand consultant, but I can’t think of things to say when people ask me questions about branding. Is that true? My most recent experience was with Devin. See, the thing is, some clients have this problem where they think they’re so busy that they can’t explain to me what they do without fidgeting. That’s one type of customer. From our extremely brief talk, it seems like he’s eager and wants to expand, but doesn’t know how (of course), doesn’t know what he wants from a rebrand. To which, I will assume that he wants what other business owner wants – profit, more business. Green tech.

Then I customers who don’t want to tell me their budget. Giving me vague range, literally. “Not too high, not too low”. What the hell is that?
But then, do I really need to know their budget? What will I achieve by knowing their budget?

And also, banyak people in BNI are small business owners. They’re hesitant to spend anything more than RM5,000 on branding. I think because they don’t understand. If I were to take up that presentation slot, how will I educate them? Actually, what do I want out of it? To educate them so that they give me business. Actually my first gut thought was so that THEY do business with me. But why? They don’t have that much money. I feel like I need to have stats, effectiveness, increases, percentages, running time of the event, how long it took to do a job.

Case study about Hockademy logo revamp.
Case study NMC Pink Run. (people are attracted to nice designs. in this case, the medal design)
Case study Nagasari Packaging (before & after).

I need to tell them what BRAND is, not GRAPHIC DESIGN. What goes into the BRANDING process. Which part of BRANDING that we focus on. (brand identity & brand comm). Pull myself away from tell people that I do DESIGN. I do BRANDING, and design is a PART of it.
Tell them the kinds of branding there are and what we focus on specifically. Be on the same level as them. NONE OF THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT BRANDING IS. They dum, but don’t put em down.

Yeah ok, I’m going to take up that presentation slot.


How do I feel now? More confident, yeah. More confident not because of the prep talk, but because I finally have a clear idea of what to say. A clear idea of what I do, and what I can explain to people. What sets me a part, then just “do website to help change your mission & vision statement”. Then just a logo.
No, because when we design, when we create, bukan untuk nampak cantik je. But functional, and has a purpose, has a goal. Although the goal in the end means profit & more business, there are SO many ways to go about it.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” -Jeffery Zeldman
“It is no secret that the real world in which the designer functions is not the world of art, but the world of buying & selling.” – Paul Rand
“Socrates says, ‘Know Thyself’. I say, ‘know thy users’. They don’t think like you do.” – Joshua Brewer
“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute” – Von Glitshcka (Illsutrator)

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