Ranting, anger.

I didn’t wake up to journal this morning at 5:30am, so here I am now. It’s 8:30am and I need to rush to send the kids and stuff.

So I want to rant about yesterday. It pisses me off because I knew what he said to Tya. Which is good, actually, it just confirms to us what kind of person we will be working with. A person who has no respect for people’s time because he’s more important, & his “staff” who are making decisions behind his back, because they are too scared to talk to him and in the end gets their decisions overridden anyway.

I am pissed because of the comments he had. I took it personally (of course), and I let it affect my thoughts (of course), because dia cakap tak serupa bikin.

Apparently we have to follow them, the client’s time and needs. And that we won’t excel like this. Oh no, Tya won’t excel if she working with us. I guess that’s what pushes my button.

What a child. He’s just like my cousin. Boasting around, when getting a push from their family and position and money. Tak sedar if they had to start from the ground zero, he’ll just be a rempit jalanan maki2 hamun orang.

I think this affects me because he reminds me of my cousins, whom I want so badly to maki.

And I’m so angry he said dia “bagi muka” because Tya kept chasing him. Oh really? Let’s save him his time by not asking to “diberi muka”.
We chased him because we want things done. Because the deadlines are crap and they’re not responding or answering calls. Not because we’re desperate for his money. Because we want a DEFINITIVE answer!

Duk complain pasal politics Malaysia but doesn’t realise he’s contributing to the lousiness!

He say he’s not happy with us, but our work is good?? So he’s not unhappy about our work, but unhappy that we won’t succumb to HIS style or follow him around like a fucking dog.

What do you think?

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